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The End of Jpop; Miliyah and Shota to end their collaboration with first album

Kato Miliyah × Shimizu Shota will release their new album (currently untitled) on April 2.

Since "Love Forever" was released back in 2009, the two have released a total of 4 singles together. Their first album will be a complete best album that will include all the songs they've released thus far. Alongside all their singles, it will contain 3 new songs as well as "Konya wa Boogie Back feat. Shimizu Shota", which was included in Kato's album "TRUE LOVERS".

Along with the album's release, Kato and Shimizu have announced that this will be their last time collaborating with each other.

The two are both getting ready for their new releases. Kato will release her new album "LOVELAND" and live DVD "TRUE LOVERS TOUR 2013" on February 19, while Shimizu will release his new album "ENCORE" on March 12. More details on their upcoming album will be revealed at a later date.

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