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Crystal Kay's US Debut "Busy Doing Nothing" to drop Feb. 14th!

Behind the Scenes: Crystal Kay "Busy Doing Nothing" Featuring Looks from Patricia Field

At Patricia Field, I had the pleasure of meeting the famous Japanese pop singer, Crystal Kay, and her styling team as they were shopping for looks for her upcoming music video shoot for "Busy Doing Nothing".
Her team and I put together some fabulous outfits for the shoot.  I'm thrilled to show you some behind-the-scenes shots of her music video here on our blog.
The video for "Busy Doing Nothing" drops in early January February 14th.  Be sure to check back on our blog, where we will post the video!
For now, get into this behind the scenes sneak peek:

cr. Crystal Kay's Official Twitter [1], [2] // // Crystal Kay's Official Instagram

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