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TMR Takanori Nishikawa verbally harasses a Berryz Kobo member

T.M.Revolution Takanori Nishikawa (43) has "sexually harassed" an idol verbally on his program Nishikawa Takanori no ienomi!! which is shown on Niconico Live Broadcast.

This is a variety program where Nishikawa invites over guest musicians to his "home" (studio set) and talks with them about music in a candid and social manner. For his 63rd episode, he invited over 3 members of Hello! Project's idol group Berryz Kobo -- Chinami Tokunaga, Saki Shimizu, and Yurina Kumai, and his statement in question came at the beginning of the segment.

During the self introduction of the guests, when Kumai, the "nearly 180cm tall idol", greeted the viewers, Nishikawa praised her appearance and said, "Wow, you've really become mature these days". But for some reason, he said, "But it looks like you've got rough skin. Could it be that it's your menstrual period? The skin around the mouth tends to get dirty easily when you're bleeding", to which Kumai reacted by suddenly covering her mouth.

Tokunaga introduced herself afterwards and the program proceeded as if nothing happened, but Kumai was visibly shaken.

Shimizu and Tokunaga have been on the show before so they might be used to this kind of treatment already, but... Nishikawa is very close to a lot of personalities, and even jokingly promised to AKB48's Minami Takahashi that the two of them will "get married to each other if there are no takers". He may already be in his 40s, but he's maintained his appearance and still looks like he's in his 20s. He's got a very frank and candid personality, and he easily gets along with girls who are much younger than him, but joking about menstruation in front of a woman is something that is actually frowned upon.

If an officemate whom you aren't even that close to suddenly tells you at work that "Your skin looks rough today. Is it that time of the month? The skin around the mouth can easily become rough when you're bleeding~", that would definitely make a woman feel unpleasant. What more for an idol with her fans watching the live broadcast via the Internet.

Nishikawa's at an age where it wouldn't be strange if he were to be called an uncle already, and despite his youthful mind and appearance, talking about the menstrual period is something that will not work "even if you're an ikemen". Even if he was trying to prove that he knows a lot about women's periods, he should watch himself. He might be running the show, but he should be careful with his words and should still maintain a proper distance from his guests.

Nishikawa-kun's a man, but for some reason he seems like an auntie

It'd really make people appalled if the word "menstrual blood" comes out of a man's mouth w

I'm not really that knowledgable about Nishikawa, but I think I get why he's maintained his popularity after seeing this incident. It all boils down to power harassment.

I'll respect Nishikawa if he said this to someone like AKB's Mayu Watanabe

He probably just wanted to follow-up on his 'rough skin' remark and say, 'Well, it can't be helped if it's because of your period'.
Maybe he just said something random while keeping to himself what he really thinks?

It's difficult to say something like 'Damn, you're so fugly, your skin's so rough', right? w

>> Then he should've just kept his mouth shut.
It'll just gross you out if you see some old man ogling at you.

There's actually a woman at work who keeps saying it's her period every single month, so can this be considered sexual harassment too?

Haaa, why does Nishikawa-kun have to be criticized like this?
The mere existence of this thread is sickening.
People who watched the broadcast would know that there was no problem with it.
This really pisses me off. Never call in Hello Pro ever again.
I don't even know them, and they're so boring.

To think that my boss was already accused of sexual harassment when he just asked "____~san, you're single right?"...

He's a squirt so seeing a tall woman must've agitated his inferiority complex

Nishikawa: "Hear this you guys, it's fine with me, but if it were Yasushi-kun, he'd be scolding you!"
Berryz Kobo: "Who the heck is Yasushi-kun?"
Nishikawa: "Yasushi-kun's a person who doesn't abide by the law."

>> Master's (Yasushi) a feminist so he won't do rash stuff to young women

He's an ikemen that's why he's forgiven.
If the same thing is said by your boss who's a balding old man, it'd be gross, right?

Ikemen guys sure are lucky.

Uwa~... Verbal sexual harassment isn't the issue here, he's just an idiot.
This isn't something that you should be talking about with someone...

People would get turned off by you if you say something like this in real life society.
If you're going to ask about rough skin, you should just say something along the lines of, "Are you fatigued right now?"

Video, from 10 minutes~

Menstrual period, touching the d!ck, sex doll... they're talking about a lot of dirty stuff

This has been a method used by Tunnels from way back in the day, when you talk badly to an idol to make people think "Poor _____-chan!". This will make people focus on the idol, and even make the journalist's job easy. It's like killing 3 birds with one stone.

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