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3:56 am - 02/11/2014

TarO&JirO Free Live for International Students

TarO&JirO free live for international students in Japan, supported by Promic.TV, has been announced.


Feb 27th(Thu) open:6:30PM start:7:00PM


Admission free, (one drink fee 600JPY only)

PROMIC TV will invite International students studying in Japan to the show!

“J-POP NEWS” a YouTube program on PROMIC.TV has launched on June 18th last year to promote Japanese artists to overseas.
PROMIC.TV will open the filming of “J-POP NEWS” to the public every 3 months. The 1st live guest on the program is TarO&JirO .
TarO(older brother) and JirO(younger brother)are an incredible, acoustic guitar-wielding rock duo.

The filming will take place at SHIBUYA THE GAME, on Feb 27th from 7pm.
Their show will be featured on the “J-POP NEWS” episodes posted on March 4th and 11th , and will archived at the following YouTube channel:

The program will invite International students studying in Japan to the show.
Meet & Greets with TarO&JirO are scheduled after the show.

You can apply from the below address to join this event.

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bokunosubete 11th-Feb-2014 03:35 am (UTC)
Holy shit. I really wish I'm there studying now. D:
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