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AKB48's current tradition: B-Side>A-Side. Mae Shika Mukanee.B-Sides Radio Rip

Kinou Yori Motto Suki- Smiling Lions

Kinou Yori Motto Suki

Kimi no Uso wo Shitteita - Beauty Giraffes

Kimi no Uso wo Shitteita

Himitsu no Diary - Baby Elephants

Himitsu no Diary

KONJO -Talking Chimpanzees



Oh these songs are good they can be in A-Side but AKI-P didn't want it thou. This is one of the thing I can boast in AKB fandom that their B-Sides can battle A-Sides of other idol group it has PV too so it feels like it is really an A-Side not B-Side. I am just wondering why 48 family was not releasing double/triple A-Side almost all good songs are on B-Side. Well whatever jealous people will always be jealous, losers will always be losers.

PS: There are idiots somewhere complaining/bashing why AKB's current PV is a concert like PV and they say AKB copied it from their idols hahaha that is so funny as far as I know 48 family did it before their idols did the concert PV thing; first with SKE48's Choco no dorei then HKT48's Melon Juice. Delusional people are so pathetic.
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