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Akimoto Sayaka Named Spokesmodel for NHK’s Youth Campaign

Ex-AKB48 member Akimoto Sayaka has been appointed spokes-model for NHK’s upcoming Spring Youth Campaign.

Akimoto, tasked with penning the campaign theme song, has packed it with English lyrics “It was definitely difficult, it’s miracle I was able to finish it” she continues “It’s a refreshing up-tempo song and will be reminiscent of AKB48 pop tunes.”

The NHK campaign sets its sight on supporting youth culture and their step forward into their upcoming roles as world leaders and influencers. Akimoto was chosen for her role as being a positive role model for young men and women along with her aptitude in English.

The official campaign page started on February 24th and will include television, magazine, and song tie-ins.

30s CM with theme song written by Sayaka, titled "Little Witch"

Source: Nihongogo, NHK official campaign website, Nikkansports

A solo debut single please T^T
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