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Don't call it a comeback: M Flo new album "FUTURE IS WOW" will be released on 2014.03.26

The dynamic duo will be dropping their latest dope a.k.a new album on March 26th, 2014. The concept for the album is being from the year 2114 and looking back to the music scene of 2014 and sending positive vibes. The promo picture is supposed to represent m-flo in 2114.

The album has been pushed back to March 26th, so it will be coming out the same day as their mix cd EDM-flo.

The cd/blu-ray version of the album features glow in the dark packaging.

In the light

In the dark

The track list of the songs and the artists featured in them:
01. Discovery of Wow (Intro)
02. Spark / m-flo + Ruby Prophet

03. Go Crazy / m-flo + SOL (from BIGBANG)

04. She Got Me
05. Flashback to 21 st Century (Interlude)
06. My Way / m-flo + ayumi hamasaki

07. Young & Restless / m-flo + MNDR
08. Welcome to the Bassline
09. 10x Larger (Interlude)
10. FLY / m-flo + Yoohei Kawakami

11. IRONY / m-flo + daoko
12. d.w.m / m-flo + Reina Washio (Flower / E-girls)

13. Safe & Sound (Interlude)
14. own the sky / m-flo + Bella Blue

15. Show You More / m-flo + Matt Cab

16. FIND A WAY / m-flo + MACO

17. Your Future Is Wow (Interlude)
18. 1NCE AGA1N

m-flo TOUR 2013 "NEVEN" at SHIBUYA AX

m-flo TOUR 2013 "NEVEN"
at SHIBUYA AX (Tachytelic® Snippet Edit)

Here are some sample of the songs:
My Way, feat. Ayumi Hamasaki

GO Crazy, feat. SOL (Taeyang from Big Bang)

The "Future is Wow" tour will be starting in May 30th, 2014.

Source: m-flo.com, onehallyu

Not really feeling Go Crazy. But I'm still looking forward to listen to the rest of album.

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