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Ikki Sawamura, Meisa Kuroki to star in drama about 'black companies'

Ikki Sawamura, 46, and Meisa Kuroki 25, will star in a new Fuji TV drama series about the so-called “black companies” in Japan.

The Japanese term ブラック企業 refers to companies that illegally underpay and overwork their employees. They have been getting a lot of media attention since last year, and the upcoming drama, “Black President,” which will air from April 8, will be the first time for a Japanese drama series to spotlight this social problem.

Sawamura plays the president of a black company, which is a rapidly developing clothing company. Sawamura’s character graduated from a designer college and he overworks his employees with his profit-first principle without being aware that he is breaking labor laws.

In order to learn company management, he enters a university at the age of 45 and starts to interact with young studentsn.

Kuroki plays the role of Kyoko Akiyama, a university lecturer. As she grew up in a different environment and has completely different ideas from Sawamura’s character, the two often clash.


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