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Most Liked and Most Hated Johnny's Talent Ranking

First off, the most hated!

Note- I skipped the blogger's comments because they were irrelevant.

Hated Johnny’s Talents Coordinated Ranking
1.       Kimura Takuya  281 Votes (2nd)
2.       Akanishi Jin  231 Votes  (1st)
3.       Nakai Masahiro  114 Votes  (3rd)
4.       Kondo Masahiko  58 Votes  (4th )
5.       Kusanagi Tsuyoshi  43 Votes  (7th)
6.       Morita Go  32 Votes  (8th )
7.       Ninomiya Kazunari  27 Votes  (Not included last year)
8.       Nagase Tomoya  25 Votes  (Not included last year)
9.       Kamenashi Kazuya  25 Votes  (5th )
10.   Inagaki Goro  23 Votes (Not included last year)
In the parenthesis are last year’s positions.

Comments left for Kimura Takuya:

He thinks “There is no man as cool as me” (House Wife, 51)
I don’t think his dramas are that great, and his singing is bad. Why he’s made such a fuss about I don’t understand. (Housewife, 61)
He’s too attractive, so I pulled him down a bit. (IT-related field, 34)
Long hair at that age is pointless. That young and cool act is painful. (Housewife, 51)
I got tired of him. (Sales, 29)

Comments towards Akanishi:

He is selfish for causing trouble for other people, and he doesn’t care for his fans. He is a failure as an idol.  (Dental Hygienist, 41)
Even though he caused trouble, it is a mystery as to why he still remains in Johnny’s. (Sales, 31)
He had a shotgun wedding, both he and his wife are an annoyance. ( Housewife, 63)
When it comes to the present, I won’t allow the fact that he was a member of KAT-TUN. I want to erase it from my memory.

Comments for Nakai:

He acts like it is a bother to be working. (Housewife, 50)
He is a Yankee, his face is bad and he’s just coming into money. (Housewife, 63)
He looks like he is a player with women. (Housekeeping Assistant, 39)
His singing is crap. (Various other commentators)

Comments for Kondo Masahiko

It feels like he is clinging to the entertainment world using his position as a senior. ( In between jobs, 32)
Even though he is at an old age, he puts himself first. He’s not nice to his juniors. (Public office worker, 53)
He’s like an old man that keeps saying “the good old days were better.” (Restaurant worker, 62)

Comments for Kusanagi:

I can’t accept him psychologically, and his visuals are plain. (Unemployed, 50)
His looks are not my preference. I can understood the good of a serious personally but, I’m sorry. (Dressmaking, 40)

Comments for Morita Go:

I can’t see any good qualities in his face. ( 49, Elementary School Teacher)
The expression of his eyes is bad and he as an unclean image. (Company employee, 28)

Comments for Nino:

He acts like he is a big shot actor. (Student, 22)
He has the body of a child, and he is too short. (Housewife, 43)
His face is huge. (Student, 21) *Translator’s note: In Japan, having a “small face” is seen as a standard of beauty.

Comments for Kame:

He doesn’t have a manly feel. (26, company worker)
His face looks like a reptile’s and that feels a bit gross, and I think he’s a narcissist. (Retail, 32)

Comments for Nagase:

Even though he was cute, before you knew he shockingly became all rough.
Because he broke up with Ayumi Hamasaki after going out with her for such a long time. (Housewife, 49)

Comments for Inagaki Goro:

I don’t like his dancing style. (Housewife, 42)
Dark. ( Nurse, 22)

1. Akanishi Jin
1. Kimura Takuya (tie)
3. Kondo Masahiko
4. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
5. Nakai Masahiro
5. Kitayama Horimitsu (tie)

1. Akanishi Jin
2. Kimura Takuya
3. Nakai Masahiro
4. Taiichi Kokubun
5. Morita Go

1. Kimura Takuya
2. Akanishi Jin
3. Nakai Masahiro
4. Kondo Masahiko
5. Domoto Tsuyoshi
5. Ninomiya Kazunari
5.Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (tie)

1. Kimura Takuya
2. Akanishi Jin
3. Nakai Masahiro
4. Kondo Masahiko
5. Shibutani Subaru
5. Higashiyama Noriyuki

1. Kimura Takuya
2. Akanishi Jin
3. Nakai Masahiro
4. Morita Go
5. Katori Shingo
5. Kazuya Kamenashi

*1. Sakurai Sho  107 Votes(1)
*2. Kimura Takuya  88 Votes(5)
*3. Nakai Masahiro  85(9)
*4. Matsumoto Jun  76 Votes (Not included last year)
*5. Ohno Satoshi   71(3)
*6. Okada Junichi  63 Votes(Not included last year)
*7. Kamenashi Kazuya 50 Votes(10)
*7. Aiba Masaki     50 Votes(2)
*9. Inohara Yoshihiko 49 Votes(Not included last year)
10. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi 47 Votes(Not included last year)
10. Yamashita Tomohisa         47 Votes(7)

Comment for Sakurai Sho:

He’s in my son’s age group, but he has a favorable impression. He is a Keio boy, and his like a cute little rich boy who was raised well. (Housewife, 59)
He is really strong at live broadcasts. He makes ad libs. He has surpassed the frame of an idol.  (Food Serve, 35)

Comments for Kimura Takuya:

Of course when you say Johnny’s you think of him. (Restaurant worker, 61)
I have been his fan since long ago. He is the coolest. (Company employee, 44)
In todays, entertainment world, the only person who resembles old time movie stars is Kimura Takuya.
It’s amazing that he can doing anything. I want to see one thing that he is bad at. (College Student, 21)

Comments for Nakai:

He is person that can do anything and he has an existence that cannot be absent from the entertainment world. I respect him. (Office work, 21)
His dancing is great, and ATARU was awesome. (Housewife, 61)
I admire  the type of attentiveness he has that can be shown in the boardroom. (House, 48)
As a chairman, he has an amazing sense of stability. (Office worker, 31)

Comments for MatsuJun:

He has a beautiful face. (Housewife, 48)
Just looking at him, you get excited. (52, Housewife)
From now own I want him to be more of a pompous character. (Photographer, 27)

Comments for Ohno:
I like how natural he is. (Medical Corporation Staff, 50)
He moves at his own pace and is not Johnny's-like in a good way. (Office work, 29)
Even though he is aloof, he is vital to the unity of Arashi. The difference between his stage presence and his normal persona is huge! (Part timer, 49)

Comments for Okada:

In movies and Taiga, his performance is spectacular. (Housewife, 60)
His performance in "Eien no Zero" was so cool! I fell in love at first sight. (26, Company employee)

Comments for Kamenashi:

When you put it all together, he is quite manly. (Part timer, 50)
He is handsome and he has a playful personality. (Part timer, 38)

Comments for Aiba:

He has the kind of feeling that he can't be left alone. (Company employee, 42)
I want to protect him because he is cute. (Company employee, 36)
He has a straight-laced feel that I like. Please don't play the part of a bad guy in a drama! (Retail, 32)
His innocent parts are good. Please don't change. (Housewife, 61)

Comments for Inohara:

I didn't like him before, but since seeing him as as a chairman in "Asaichi" I began to like him. (Part timer, 51)
He is innocent like a working class person. Among all the beautiful guys in Johnny's he is kind of like the guy next door. (Restaurant worker, 27)
I like his homely qualities. I am not one to judge only based on looks though. (Company employee, 43)

Comments for Yamapi:
I like his face. (Housewife, 43)
Because he is sexy. (53, Housewife)
I like how erotic he is. Do more concerts! (Company employee, 29)

Comments for Kusanagi:
He is gentle and kind, I want to raise my son to be like Kusagani. (Company employee, 52)
When he was dead drunk and naked, he carefully folded the clothes he took off and I thought that was cute. (Company employee, 52)
I want him to graduate from Johnny's and do some civil liberties work. (Service industry, 50)


1. Sakura Sho
2. Nagase Tomoya
3. Kazuya Kamenashi
4. Okada Junichi
5. Nakai Masahiro


1. Matsumoto Jun
2. Sakurai Sho
3. Ohno Satoshi
4. Nakai Masahiro
4. Ninomiya Kazunari
4. Yamashita Tomohisa


1. Sakurai Sho
1. Matsumoto Jun
3. Ohno Satoshi
4. Aiba Masaki
4. Okada Junichi
4. Kamenashi Kazuya


1 Kimura Takuya
2. Sakurai Sho
3. Matsumoto Jun
4. Nakai Masahiro
5. Inohara Yoshihiko
5. Okada Junichi
5. Ohno Satoshi


1. Nakai Masahiro
2. Kimura Takuya
3. Ninomiya Kazunari
3. Sakurai Sho
5. Katori Shingo
5. Murakami Shingo

Source: 1, 2
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