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Both Yamashita Tomohisa and Sakurai Sho to have Variety Shows Canceled

*Note this will be a paraphrasing and not direct translation of source articles to avoid an overly long post

It has been decided that by the end of March, the program "Ima Kono Kao Ga Sugoi" hosted by Sakurai Sho and Ariyoshi Hiroiki will be cancelled. Replacing the show will be another show hosted by the same two hosts. Ariyoshi is currently very popular on Japanese tv, being a regular on 15 shows. It is said that if one is hated by Ariyoshi, then they will not be able to remain in the entertainment world. The content of the show was originally supposed to include people and topics that were not to well known being brought to the studio to share their stories. However, in October the subject suddenly changed to include female talents, pro hair and makeup artists along with people who did makeup to look like celebrities. Then, this year the show was rebooted to feature talk battles between comedians and idols/talents. However, the change in subject matter could not help the show as it reached ratings as low as 3.8%. Thus, that brings the current result of cancellation.

The new program to be hosted by Ariyoshi and Sakurai Sho will be called "Sakurai Ariyoshi no Abunai Yakai" (Sakurai Ariyoshi's Evening Party). According to the details on the site, the program will be about " From entertainment and sports to society, currently popular celebrities, unheard of moving secret stories, and surprising episodes introduced through video recordings."

The concept of their new program sounds vaguely similar to "Getsu kara Yofukashi" starring Matsuko Deluxe and Murakami Shingo (Kanjani 8). We'll see how it goes. I don't think Ariyoshi needs yet another show.


The same unfortunate news has befallen Yama-P as well.

Yamashita's program "Generation Tengoku" will be cancelled, and there no suggestions or plans for a new program for Yamashita after this one goes off the air. It was revealed from Imai Hana's Twitter that the program would be cancelled. This is the first variety program that Yamashita alone as been a presenter for. It seems that the cancellation of this program will affect his future activities. Apparently, the program originally had it's original budget increased to support Yamashita. Being his first job as an MC, he thought he would be able to continue for at least three years. The ratings for the show were bad, continuously ranking among the lowest rated shows. Some sponsors wanted to drop out as early as last autumn. Usually, after a Johnny's member's program is cancelled, another program is prepared to replace, However, this time, that will not be the case. That is because Fuji TV has abandoned the concept, and Johnny's entertainment also did not pursue it. I Wout is alleged that Yamashita himself had no desire to do the program, but was forced to do so by his management. It is uncertain what activities Yamashita will pursue after this.

Yama-P doesn't really seem like he's suited for hosting variety programs and such. His acting has stagnated over the years and he doesn't have a natural flair for hosting. The comments in the source article even agreed with this sentiment and even said that he should stick to things like CMs and appearing in magazines. I think these comments summed it up pretty well:

"I don't think Yama-P is bad at all...He is one one who most understands that he is not suited for variety programs and even though he always turned down variety programs himself he was forcefully appointed the presenter of a variety program. I wonder if his manager is not the type who forces him to do things he is not able to do instead of allowing him to do the things he actually wants. Wouldn't that be his solo activities? A person who can balance anything will do group activities, while someone who can't do that will want to do solo activities. Because he can't maintain the balance very well, he became solo, right? But the manager doesn't understand that. It is not that if he is not good at speaking that he can't do it all. It is better to make him practice speaking. If he actually want to study speaking, then the way that was done was wrong."


"From the start, he was not suited for variety. Did the company want to make him fail and cause him shame?"


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