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The Tetsuwan DASH 3-hour Special ratings wwwwwwwww



TOKIO really is the best.

And Miyamoto Musashi on the other hand...
>> Saturday 14%
Sunday 12%

Apparently (faint voice)

The ratings are amazing, but the food they served at the beggar canteen looked so damn good

I LOL'd when leader and the others were crying~

Let's turn this into a chopping board

>> LOL'd @ that too www

Yesterday (Sunday)'s episode was very good

The ratings have been very good lately.
It's always good, but they're getting a lot of 18%~19% these days.

>> 1/12 15.9% 
1/19 17.9% 
1/26 18.2% 
2/02 18.7% 
2/09 20.5% 
2/16 19.5% 
2/23 16.6% 
3/02 18.3% 
3/09 18.5%
3/16 21.9% ←NEW

My favorite program by any Johnny's talent

But there was an earthquake because they opened the seal of that bamboo canister

Matsuoka's likability factor rose way up in this one

Well, this is the only show you can watch, but it really is good once you start watching it

It's on a level where it even made my 4-year-old son watch until the end

I literally laughed out loud when they revealed the reason for Leader's tears after all the suspense and build-up to it ww
And Yamaguchi's handling of the ship was so cool!

They're idols who seem like they're better off participating and making something in events rather than doing concerts.
... But the word "idol" feels awkward to the max for these guys.

>> There's this image that idols sing and dance.
Saying that they're band members or singers sounds better.

>> If only Leader would also drive the power shovel at their concerts...

They're pretty popular, but don't have that much passionate fans, huh

My image of them is that they have a lot of male fans

TOKIO's seriously loved by men

Holy crap, now I feel that something's not right when I see TOKIO singing www
* It's been a while since we held hoes.
* Yeah, we were holding instruments during the end of last year.
* This one is more relaxing.

>> They think that way too, huh www

The scene where Leader, Yamaguchi, and Matsuoka were crying

Seeing things like this really makes you like TOKIO

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