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TOKIO to celebrate its 20th anniversary w/ appearance in Natsu Fes, best hits album and concert tour

TOKIO which will be celebrating its 20th anniversary on 21 September, will be taking part in the annual Natsu Fes held during July and August thus being the first artiste from Johnny's Jimusho to do so. The members had a discussion among themselves last summer on what they should be doing to commemorate their 20th aniversary and decided to challenge themselves by taking part in the Natsu Fes which is a series of outdoor concerts involving various artistes held during summer. First of all, they will be appearing on one of the two-day concerts "JOIN ALIVE" held at Iwamizawa City, Hokkaido, on 19th and 20th July and will also take part in the two-day "Summer Sonic" held at Chiba's QVC Marine Field, Makuhari Messe and Osaka's Maishima on 16th and 17th August.

At the same time, the band will be releasing a 2-CD best hits album titled HEART in summer whereby the track list will be decided by fans. They will get to choose from 71 singles released to date which will be included in disc 1 while disc 2 will contain tracks from 146 coupling songs and album songs. TOKIO commented that they won't be able to decide on what songs to include so they decided to let fans make the choice.

Last but not least, the band will embark on their nationwide tour consisting of 13 concerts in 12 cities and the last one will be held at Nippon Budokan on 2 November. This was the same venue where they made their debut 20 years ago so it will be a memorable day for the members and fans alike. The commemorative 20th anniversary logo was designed by vocalist Nagase Tomoya and will be used in the album and concert tour.

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