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Ask MAA questions in her first English video interview!


Video blogger whataboutadam is interviewing J-Pop singer songwriter MAA/Maria Mie Edwards next month, and wants your questions!

This is the singer's first English video interview, so if you have questions about her music, her fashion, or anything else that you're dying to ask her, send your questions over to whataboutadam@gmail.com. You can send as many over as you'd like, just make sure to state your name and where you're from.

Also, we're looking for video questions too, so if you want to personally ask your question to MAA, upload it and send it over to whataboutadam@gmail.com.

The deadline for the questions is April 9th.

For those who are unaware of MAA:


Tags: international media, maa, model, music/musician (j-tek & electronic)

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