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Oguri Shun and Kuroki Meisa Seen Drinking Alone Together; Possible Affair?

It has been reported along with a photograph in the magazine Josei Seven that the actor Oguri Shun (31) and the actress Kuroki Meisa (25) drank together at a late night pub.

It occurred on March 11, in a pub located within a metropolitan residential area. Oguri Shun is a regular at the restaurant, which serves yakitori, ramen, yakisoba, and curry at all around the 500 yen price range. It is located about three minutes away from the house that he shares with wife Yamada Yu (29). On that night past 11 o' clock, Oguri enjoyed karaoke with a fellow actor and friend in a personal room below ground. It is said that Oguri has taken taken a liking to this particular place as a regular customer because the room was a tatami room that included floor heating requiring the removal shoes which enabled a close knit drinking experience. In this room there was a certain woman. That woman, who wore a blue knit hat, flannel shirt and a long skirt was Kuroki Meisa.

"We regular customers has our checks pushed on us by the employees with "It's about time now" but we didn't hear anything from Oguri-san and Meisa-san's room. I asked a regular customer and they said, "Places where celebrities go to drink usually have limited time but this place is different."

At 2:40 AM, the sign outside the door disappeared. The employees took out the trash, and the shopkeeper began closing duties outside. This night, the Oguri/Meisa group and other celebrity groups were there, the other group merged with Oguri and Meisa's group, but group returned home past 3 AM. Remaining were Oguri, Meisa, and their friends. However at 4 AM, those friends left Oguri and Meisa and went on their way home. In this vein, in the personal room Oguri and Meisa were left alone together. They both originally met when they both starred together in the movie Crow's Zero (released 2007, sequel was released in 2009). Then, with Oguri Shun as Lupin and Meisa as Fujiko, the two have reached the point of performing together again in the movie "Lupin the 3rd" to be released this summer.

In the personal room of the pub, the two who came to be photographed together did not leave the room even past 4 AM. Ultimately, the left the place at 5 AM. First, Meisa left the pub. Once Oguri saw that Meisa, who face was red from drinking had gotten in a taxi, he decided to leave. Although he was drunk, just like that, Oguri walked to his home were Yamada was waiting.

The apartment that Meisa returned to was pitch black. As usual Akanishi was not present, and perhaps her beloved daughter was being taken care of by her family...

On the internet, such opinions were seen: "I hope Oguri and Akanishi get in a fight,"
"They didn't go to a hotel and only drank at a pub, so that means she confided in Akanashi? I wonder if it is the same as an affair. As the mother of a small child I think something is wrong"
"Well it wasn't a hotel and they returned separately so it's just the the pattern of hanging out and grumbling about their spouses"
"They are just friends connected by Crow's Zero. Oguri is not the kind of idiot to have an affair with someone else's wife who has a child"
"If both were single then it would just become publicity but if it is an affair it will interfere with the movie promotions. It just like Okada and Miyasaki's movie's failed publicity stunt"
"If they divorce it seems possible that Akanishi can get remarried in America to some beautiful blonde lol."

It seems as if the two of them just drank together but, Kuroki and Shun have had many more rumors and they both have a uninhibited feel, so it wouldn't been strange if something did happen this time. Incidentally, in the same magazine, when Kuroki's friend was asked about Akanishi, they replied "Ooooh, they haven't met in a week so I don't know. They don't feel like husband and wife anymore. Another possibility is that Oguri's wife, Yamada had a fight about Kuroki who Oguri seems a little too friendly with from before.

However, with Lupin coming, it would be better if this turned out to be nothing...


EDIT−The pictures are not included in the source article and I can't find them online. If anyone knows where to find them let me know.
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