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Tsuyoshi Kusanagi drinks alcohol again after 5 years with Tamori

SMAP's Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (39) has put an end to his abstinence from alcohol. Tamori (68), host of Waratte Iitomo, which is now on its final week after 32 years on air, guested on Fuji TV's SMAPxSMAP on the 24th, in the popular segment "Bistro SMAP".

Masahiro Nakai (41), Kusanagi, and Shingo Katori (37) have been regulars on Iitomo for a long time. Tamori is also friends with Takuya Kimura (41) and Goro Inagaki (40).

Before they judged the dishes, Tamori said, "I don't care about the outcome. Let's have a feast", and beer was brought in. As they were having a toast, Kusanagi muttered about his self-imposed ban from alcohol. Tamori then said, "It's been a long time now, you've had enough! I suppose you can have a drink already?". Kusanagi gulped down his beer and said, "So good. I'm so happy, really", and enjoyed his beer with Tamori.

Liar! I'm sure that he's already been drinking for some time now wwwww

There's no way he's been sober for 5 years

Oh, the incident where people got to like him more because they learned he was clean
>> Imagine an idol in a public park, all naked screaming "Shingo-!"
How can you not like that www

That was truly shocking.
The headline "Kusanagi arrested" had such a huge impact in itself, but I still remember now how much I LOL'd so hard at how stupid everything about it was.

>> But it'll be too scary when you bump into a person with his little general out at night in the park

Wow, so he never drank after that incident? For real?

There's no way you can abstain for 5 years

He probably wouldn't have been able to drink publicly again for the rest of his life if he missed this opportunity

I'm sure he gets to drink at Tamori's home

He really abstained from drinking?
Well, Tsuyoshi is pretty stubborn.

He must really be grateful to Tamori-san.

There was a time before on Iitomo when Tamori pointed out his thin hair, and he got rattled and sweat a lot.
I got surprised at that time at how people can perspire so much due to their mental state.

>> Something like that happened?
Tamori's pretty mean, eh w

He's an alcoholic so he should keep abstaining from drinking.
There's supposed to be no end to this.

Which means that we'll be able to see him drinking again on PuSMA, huh

Hey, don't drink w

Kusanagi seriously abstained from alcohol.
He didn't even budge even when Kimura invited him to have a drink w

Kusanagi really seems like a super nice dude

He did drink regularly on PuSMA prior to that incident.
If he does go on to drink again from this, then he might once again cause shame to himself.

Kusanagi's about the only one who's likability factor increases with a police incident w

I saw this, and his eyes didn't look too good after he finished drinking.
Katori should keep an eye on him 24/7.

I watched it, and I became teary-eyed for some reason.
Don't mind it. I'm sure that every single person has his or her own reasons.

Tamori's tone when he said, "Enough already!" sounded serious.
I became teary eyed with that scene.

I've thought that he's abstained long enough.
That's amazing of Tamo-san.
I think this is something that only Tamo-san can do.

How can he decline an offer to drink from Tamori?

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