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A Johnny's talent punches a woman in the face on the JR Ikebukuro station platform

November 14 last year, Shuukan Bunshun discovered that a Johnny's talent punched a certain Ms. A (20s) in the face on the Saikyo line platform of the JR Ikebukuro station. The woman was badly wounded from this incident and required surgery.

The name of the Johnny's talent is Hikaru Iwamoto of the group Snow Man.

"Ms. A was originally a die-hard fan of Iwamoto, and has always followed him for a couple of years now. She spent most of the money she earned from her part-time jobs to attend concerts and purchase goods. Ms. A followed him on that day as he was coming home from the rehearsal studio, which led to the talent getting irritated and punching her at the station." - (acquaintance of Ms. A)

After Ms. A was checked up at the hospital, it was discovered that the orbital floor of her right eye socket and the inner wall was fractured. Johnny's Jimusho has admitted the incident, but has yet to issue an apology.

Didn't he just defend himself after being attacked by a stalker?
>> I really wonder how far these die-hard followers should be tolerated
>> She just sounds like a stalker to me

Attempted murder, huh

So he got irritated at the stalker and punched her.
I really wonder where that line is between being a passionate fan and a stalker.

Another promotional stunt, yes?

It's your loss if you let your anger get the better of you, but I think I can sympathize with this guy for smashing the face of a persistent Jani-ota.

Punching is another thing, but what about persistently following a talent all the way to the platform of a station?

It also depends on how the talent treated her, but there really is something wrong with this sense of distance between talents and fans.

To think that this actually became news 2 months ago
[Blood bath on a groupie] [Already left the agency] The dark rumors surrounding Hikaru Iwamoto of Johnny's Jr.

These Jani-wotas sure are scary.
These fans contact each other and say which station they are in or what line they are currently on.
And they casually tell other that they're observing the talent who's with them on the same train car.

Can't be helped if the girl's a stalker

Didn't she just get what she deserves?

Whatever the reason is, a man who hits a woman in the face is the worst

But I bet the major media outlets will just choose to ignore this

Guys and gals become idols knowing that they'll have to deal with people like these.

Looks like Bunshun's the only one now who can publish negative articles about Johnny's.
Even all the other media outlets stayed silent about Johnny Kitagawa's homosexual harassment allegations.

What kind of situation was he in for punching the face of the woman?

I'm once again in awe of Johnny's naming sense.

No normal fist fight will make one break his eye socket, though.
Just how strongly did he punch her? w

Hm? Didn't a woman make a thread before saying that she used to be the sex toy of this Snow Man?

I'm really scared of TV which doesn't even report things like this

Looks like a lot of Johnny's talents have had previous criminal charges.
Are they a training school for criminals?

Isn't the one who was punched at fault too?

Johnny's Jimusho really is dishonest.
Are they going to keep on covering for this?

The one who caused the injury is at fault, but the victim must've really been persistent

I wonder if this is true.
They're not reporting this at all on the entertainment news on TV

Did he really have to beat her up that much?
That's so scary.

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