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Actor Kiritani Kenta Gets Married + Baby On the Way!


With the blog entry titled "resolution", Kiritani revealed that his wife is a 29-year-old woman who is very motherly, calm, and kind at heart.

He wrote, "I first met her 4 years ago, and we got closer with each other slowly, but got really close at the end of last year. I decided (to marry her) with instinct."
He then continued, "And, fortunately, I will be a father within the year", and expressed his happiness to become a father.

On the blog, he also thanked his fans, writing, "I feel from the heart that I am able to stand where I am now because of you fans who support me. From now on, I will continue to enjoy my life and acting earnestly, and continue to tackle things. Everybody, thank you very much. Please continue to support me."

Original Source & Image: Cinematoday

My Source: Tokyohive

My Image Source

Kiritani Kenta's Blog Entry (Sorry I don't have time to translate ._. work is crazy)
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