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Fairies 8th single +new songs+ fairies first live


Idol dance-vocal group Fairies released the first album in March and will release a new single on May28. New single is SUPER HERO. The 6 members, who are in high school, will come up on stage with a brand new style, challenging a dance of true value and rap!
SUPER HERO is used in the ending theme of ウチくる!? TVshow.
Love Me, Love You More. is another song on the 8th single. It is the theme song of the anime film 劇場版 ゆうとくんがいく.

Preview of SUPER HERO

Subunit Mスリー will release the second single Your Love, release date is not announced.

Coupling songs of the 7th single RUN WITH U, released 19.2.2014.
SILLY BOY is a cool song and it is the first song with rap

WILD BABY is very catchy

Poker Face FEAT.MOMOKA is a mature song done by Ito Momoka

「Fairies First」

youtube 1 2 3 4 5

I like super hero and I'm happy they are returning to the cool style
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