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Yamada Yu, Wife of Oguri Shun Found Out to be Three Months Pregnant

It has been reported in tomorrow's issue of "Shuukan Josei" that actor Oguri Shun's (31) wife actress Yamada Yu (29) is currently three months pregnant!

Below is the quote:

Yamada Yuu, at last three months pregnant! Oguri Shun's habit of having affairs will be shut down
Two years since getting married...closing her eyes to the repeated suspicions of her husband's affairs, she now turns to the famous obsestrician Son Mi Hyon...

[This quote was taken from Shuukan Josei's caption]

A few days ago, Oguri Shun and Kuroki Meisa's picture was taken after a night of drinking, but was Yamada Yuu pregnant? On the day that Oguri Shun returned after that late night of drinking, Yamada Yuu posted a blog entry about staying awake, thinking about something and not being able to sleep...

When the child is born, hopefully Oguri will cure his habit of continuously having affairs...

Also, apparently, Yamada Yuu spilled the information before notifying her agency:

Oguri Shun's wife model Yamada Yuu is currently three months pregnant and will give birth this winter, as reported by "Shuukan Josei." It seems that Yamada was so happy about the news that she told her model colleagues and friends.

Below is the quote:

"As of recently, I have come to know of a congratulatory matter. She is know three months pregnant and will become a mother this winter She intended to officially make an announcement once she reached the fourth month of pregnancy, but I was so happy that I told different people." (Yamada Yu's friend)
Before marrying, Yamada stated in an interview "I want at least five children," aspiring to become the mother of many children, but in a talk show this year she stated, "Five children will be a bit tough at my age, so I want at least three." Her statement has been said to have a deeper meaning.

"Since the day they were married, they have wanted children, but were unable to have one. Then, partway through this year, I talked to my best friend Nishiyama Maki. Then, she introduced me to the clinic she gave birth at." [Yamada's model colleague]

"That one is an OBGYN that is very popular among people in the entertainment world. Apart from her, famous actors' wives, popular singers and female announcers come here to give birth, it has a good reputation for outpatient infertility treatents, they warmly guide women with their pregnancy timing and prescribe medicines so that they may easily conceive." (Medical specialist)

There is no denial that advice from her "mama senpai" was quite strong. But even more than that, her husband supported her.

"Oguri-kun wanted kids as soon as possible, so they worked together in trying to conceive. He went to the doctor with her, and spoke proactively with doctors. There were time when they couldn't meet because he was overseas, I thought Oguri's attitude was very supportive." ( Aforementioned Model colleague)

"When they found out they were pregnant, they embraced each other and celebrated. I was sop happy that I cried and couldn't find words to express. By any chance, she might be feeling quite a bit of pressure." (Yamada's aforementioned friend)

We tried to speak to Yamada as she exited her home, but she said nothing. For some reason, her mouth slackened and it seemed she really was going to talk. Then, as she was boarding the taxi, the reported said "Congratulations" and she bowed, smiling with her entire face.

However, Yamada's agency has said "We have not heard such an announcement from her personally..."

On the internet were the following reactions:

"If it's true, congratulations!"
"Oguri, dont' have an affair"
"Even if Oguri has a kid he will play around"
"This is great. Yamada always had a pitiful image"
"If they have a kid her husband will become secondary. Good for you Yamada"
"This is just the right time after two years of marriage"
"She will have a child with an exceptional style. I'm not a fan but I look forward to it"
"Don't have a kid with long legs"
"Oguri's drama will start the day after tomorrow and it was rumored that the visual ban for Lupin will end on Friday. This is too good of a time to be writing this"
"Even though she was told to stop by her agency, she became to happy and blabbed to her friends, and her friends sold the story to the media so this has no meaning. At Oguri's drama press conference she was in the photos, so no matter how look at it this is an attempt to make a story"

Yamada revealed the news those around her, and it became something articles her model colleagues and friends told about, but it might really be advertising for Oguri...Usually, pregnancy is not announced until the fourth month [when chances of a miscarriage drop significantly], but Yamada was so happy that she up and told a lot of people. It seems like she will have a kid with a good figure. We will be waiting for the official announcement.


Congrats to them! Maybe Matsujun will be the godfather. XD

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