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Arashi's Kazunari Ninomiya: "Women who condemn goukon parties? What's up with that?"


Kazunari Ninomiya is an indoor type of person -- with his cellphone rarely getting any calls and almost never dines out with other people. In contrast to that image, he's had more reports involving him with women than anyone else in Arashi. No one can imagine what sort of things he does in his private life, but he showed a glimpse of himself on radio.

Ninomiya answered a listener's question on the talk show BAY STORM (bayfm) about goukon parties. The question goes:
"My husband suddenly asked me if I would allow him to go to a goukon party. When I asked for the reason, he told me that he wanted to have fun and enjoy drinking with women he doesn't know. I became extremely mad. It's not jealousy and things like that, but it has really gotten on my nerves."
Ninomiya responded: "The guy just wants to drink with women he doesn't know. That's all there is to it. Can't he?", and defended goukon parties.

He then continued to say that the man probably just wants to have shallow and fun conversations with strangers, like "birthday guessing games! I'm not sure, but maybe he just wants to do things like that. Can you play that with your wife? Of course not! You already know one another's birthdays! Then can you play blood type guessing games? Of course not! You know that too! He probably just wants to enjoy things on that level.".

Ninomiya passionately continued that men would of course talk about more serious stuff like work and family matters with the wife, but explained that the man would probably want to talk about their favorite celebrities with other women.

"There are women who flat out condemn goukon parties, but to me, that's more of a concern. That actually makes me wonder what kind of goukon parties that woman has attended. When women say, 'I can't believe that you like going to goukon parties', I'd just think 'What is this woman's standard for goukon anyway?'."

Ninomiya was noticeably calm the beginning, but started to become more passionate, and eventually went on to sigh as he dissed women who do not approve of goukon parties.

Source video : radiodouga johnny

2 :2014/04/07(月) 14:04:59.40 ID:

Is Nino a goukon meister?

4 :2014/04/07(月) 14:05:43.85 ID:

Someone like this is in Johnny’s? "What’s up with that?"

5 :2014/04/07(月) 14:06:18.05 ID:

I want to ask what this guy is imagining in terms of what goes on at a goukon, though w

6 :2014/04/07(月) 14:07:04.05 ID:

Will you guys be able to defeat this man who was able to bang Masami Nagasawa and Nozomi Sasaki in their prime?

7 :2014/04/07(月) 14:07:27.46 ID:

What's he on about? Of course the woman wouldn't want her husband going to a goukon since they're married.

8 :2014/04/07(月) 14:07:39.18 ID:

Will you approve it if your girlfriend or wife will say that she's going to a goukon?
Then what would this guy think of a woman who'd say "What's up with men who condemn goukon parties?".

10 :2014/04/07(月) 14:08:24.95 ID:

As expected of the man who's fine with a woman cheating on him ww

12 :2014/04/07(月) 14:08:41.60 ID:

Men who go to goukons with younger women will just hold their hands or take a peek at their boobs. What else are they going to do?

13 :2014/04/07(月) 14:08:44.54 ID:

Have you seen how much of a ham actor you are? "What’s up with that?"

15 :2014/04/07(月) 14:09:36.89 ID:

Shut up you horny chibi

17 :2014/04/07(月) 14:10:34.02 ID:

I get you guys for wanting to pounce on this Johnny's talent, but I think I understand Ninomiya's point...

19 :2014/04/07(月) 14:11:15.66 ID:

If this guy was just a regular person walking down the street -- and isn't with Arashi -- would everyone agree when someone points at him and says "That guy's such an ikemen! He'll be able to get into Arashi!".

27 :2014/04/07(月) 14:15:04.62 ID:

It's true, no one might even take a look at him if he was just a normal person. But still, there are a lot of instances where women surprisingly like men who just look normal, and whose faces are only 70 points, tops.

31 :2014/04/07(月) 14:16:55.55 ID:

That can also be said for Aiba and Ohno

51 :2014/04/07(月) 14:26:28.17 ID:

I don't think so. He won't even make you look twice in the first place.

83 :2014/04/07(月) 14:50:48.70 ID:

As early as this, we already have the best response in this thread

21 :2014/04/07(月) 14:12:54.69 ID:

There's a difference between a married man and a single man who attends goukons. Asking a single Ninomiya for advice is a bad idea in the first place.

22 :2014/04/07(月) 14:13:32.47 ID:

Err, are birthday guessing games even fun?

24 :2014/04/07(月) 14:14:29.38 ID:

This woman should just divorce a husband like that. And it's not just the husband, but it'll be for her own good if she just cut ties with people who can't understand how others feel.

26 :2014/04/07(月) 14:14:56.13 ID:

One should keep silent about going to goukons w

29 :2014/04/07(月) 14:16:15.07 ID:

A wife who consults an idol who's a player. A match made in heaven.

30 :2014/04/07(月) 14:16:18.97 ID:

Ninomiya's in the wrong here

36 :2014/04/07(月) 14:20:05.64 ID:

This is one form of cheating, so it's normal for women to condemn this.
But going to a goukon when you're already married? You must be stupid. People defending this are nuts.

37 :2014/04/07(月) 14:20:10.39 ID:

Doesn't this ugly squirt realize that women wouldn't even be paying attention to him if he wasn't from Johnny's?

38 :2014/04/07(月) 14:21:12.59 ID:

Men who attend goukons only have sex on their minds

74 :2014/04/07(月) 14:36:53.11 ID:

That's not always the case. There are men who just want to feel the excitement when a cute girl comes, or get to be with an ugly yet extremely interesting girl

44 :2014/04/07(月) 14:23:52.16 ID:

It wouldn't be a problem if the guy is single and didn't have a girlfriend, but guys who go to goukons without wearing their wedding rings are just disgusting. If you're married and you're planning on going to a goukon, wear a ring... I bet that the husband of this listener pretends to be single when he goes to goukons.

45 :2014/04/07(月) 14:24:07.67 ID:

Oh, the guy who looks like the tip of a beansprout

46 :2014/04/07(月) 14:24:33.92 ID:

I find those husbands who say "I'd rather go to a pachinko place than attend a goukon" when his wife asks him "Don't you want to have an affair? Don't you want to go to a goukon?" much cooler

49 :2014/04/07(月) 14:25:31.86 ID:

Men who go to goukons are just after the women whom they think they can easily get, and 99% probably aren't even thinking about marriage. When you consider that, you can say that women who condemn goukons are good at avoiding trouble.

53 :2014/04/07(月) 14:27:22.17 ID:

So this means that he would go to goukons just to have shallow conversations? I can't believe it.

54 :2014/04/07(月) 14:27:28.41 ID:

There's no way that you'd want your husband kissing in games like "your majesty" and take home women whom they'd knock up...

60 :2014/04/07(月) 14:31:16.43 ID:

People who wear boots at goukon parties are amateurs. While taking time removing your boots before entering the room, other guys will go ahead and sit beside the cute girls.

65 :2014/04/07(月) 14:33:26.49 ID:

Amateurs are the ones who sit beside girls. Professionals sit right in front of them. It's surprisingly hard to talk to them when you're sitting beside them.

67 :2014/04/07(月) 14:34:27.99 ID:

I didn't know that...

70 :2014/04/07(月) 14:35:35.47 ID:

Sitting right in front of them is too far. The best seat is the one that's closest to the door. You can even clean up the plates and order the food.

77 :2014/04/07(月) 14:37:35.00 ID:

That's the worst possible pattern. They'll keep using you as a utility man.

84 :2014/04/07(月) 14:51:07.92 ID:

This guy is a fake herbivore

88 :2014/04/07(月) 14:54:46.02 ID:

I don't care about young people going to goukons, but I'm not too sure about the older ones

94 :2014/04/07(月) 15:03:55.34 ID:

Goukons are opportunities for men and women to get to know one another. Women who get to be with this pipsqueak probably won't cheat on him before they get married because of his celeb status and wealth, but I think that whoever becomes his wife will go on and cheat behind his back.

95 :2014/04/07(月) 15:04:21.68 ID:

A husband who asks permission to go to a goukon? That's a pretty honest husband.

101 :2014/04/07(月) 15:08:42.75 ID:

It's so obvious that Ninomiya's been reeling in all these chicks at goukons

111 :2014/04/07(月) 15:24:12.47 ID:

This is the thread where people who have never even been to goukons talk about being in it.

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