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℃-ute's sexy pole dancing criticized: "Are these girls strippers?", "Too indecent"

Pole dancing is a form of performance art centered around a vertical pole, but is still strongly associated with strip clubs.

Hello! Pro idol group ℃-ute recently tried their hand at pole dancing but was met with dissatisfaction from a lot of their fans. It looks like idol fans are not too excited about steamy performances.

℃-ute's 2014 spring concert tour ℃-ute no honne kicked off at the Gotanda U-Port Hall in Tokyo, and the digest of their first show was featured on Hello! Pro's YouTube original program Hello! Sute (station).

Members Saki Nakajima (20) and Mai Hagiwara (18) danced on the poles for their song "Crazy kanzen na otona". Other members Maimi Yajima (22), Airi Suzuki (19), and Chisato Okai (19) performed on the steps set up on the stage.

Wearing black shiny tops with their navels exposed and skimpy bottoms, Nakajima and Hagiwara proceeded to wrap their bodies around the poles and even spread their legs open. The remaining three members sported hats similar to police hats and would sit down on the steps and caress their thighs.

Nakajima and Hagiwara commented on this within the program and said, "We discussed the moves with sensei and trained hard for a month", but there seems to be quite a number of fans who are not pleased with this.

YouTube's comments section have mixed reactions, with some saying, "So cool!", "I couldn't help ogling at this", while others have said, "Is this a strip show or something?", "It's nice that they're trying something new, but I'm not digging the skimpy outfit and dance routine...", "No matter how you turn this around, this performance is just trying to sexually entice the fans. I'm not too sure if idols need to go to this extent to emphasize their sex appeal.", "I feel it's such a waste that ℃-ute has to resort to cheap and indecent things like this. These girls can surely take others on with their natural and fresh sexiness...".

Hello! Pro previously had a sexy group V-u-den, which had ex-Morning Musume Rika Ishikawa as a member. They were known for their bunny girl costumes and chair dances. There was also a time when Maki Goto started wrapping herself around a mic stand during a concert, reminiscent of a pole dance. And needless to say that some fans criticized those antics as well.

Just go full nude instead

Maimi's so damn hot

This isn't bad at all.
Hey idol-wotas, don't get rattled up by something like this w

Selling eroticism? Oi, that's like this certain group.

Hello Pro and "sexy" do not go well with each other. Why can't they learn from their past mistakes?

I liked how Maimai hugged the pole.

Was this influenced by Burlesque?
>> Ah~, that was a good movie.
I cried in that one. I like those kinds of movies.

What's "stripping"? I've never used that word nor seen that in my life.
I find this one cute, sexy, and cool though---

Can't we do anything about these fools with no sexual nor romantic experiences who start complaining with the slightest hint of eroticism?

Hey, this is totally like a strip show.
They're just not taking their clothes off and twirling their panties.

Those wotas are probably thinking "More! more!", though

Well, this would turn you off if they'd do this right in the middle of the day on TV

A tall, model-like woman would look stylish doing steamy stuff like this, but it just looks lame with squirts who have childlike bodies.

I don't get what the problem is

So ℃-ute have finally started to win fans by using ero, huh.

It's just something like this, right?

It's not suited for the Japanese in the first place

Pole dance in itself is a form of exercise for one's fitness, and there are even pole dance schools out there. It's not right to just associate it with pseudo-erotic undertones.

I'm a man so I don't hate this, but something in excess just turns me off.
This is probably the limit to what I can tolerate.

We're not asking for this kind of sexiness.
I'd rather see them do panty flashes while wearing school uniforms instead of this.
And Hello! Pro doesn't get that, that's why society doesn't give a damn about them.

And while these people complain, "But taking the erotic route is the woooooooooooooooorst",
they're probably having hard-ons and fapping to this.

A lot of different artists are doing this, what's so bad about it?

LOL, this is totally normal.

Some people really want to make noise about the weirdest of things, despite being idol otakus themselves.

I don't think it's that indecent, but I think what's important is if this is the thing that their fans are looking for in them.

Well, I'm not even sure who the fanbase of these girls are in the first place.

Sources: http://majide2ch.blogspot.com/2014/04/utes-sexy-pole-dancing-criticized-are.html
Tags: c-ute, japanese netizens

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