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Nakashima Mika & Kato Miriya to collaborate in song included in 2014 World Cup's official album


Nakashima Mika and Kato Miriya will be working together for the first time in the song "Fighter" which will be included in the 2014 World Cup's official album involving various artistes all over the world and released as a single in Japan on 4 June. The song was chosen as the Asian representative for the tournament's album which will be sold from 21 May. The duo will also be invited to Brazil and are expected to perform the song live there during a World Cup-related music event.

Nakashima and Kato have been close friends all along but this is the first time they are working together. The lyrics were written by them while Kato composed the melody. The song "Fighter" is a rock number with a samba feel which will stir the competitive spirit. They both expressed admiration for each other and are proud to be chosen as the Asian representative in the World Cup album.

Tags: mika nakashima, miliyah kato

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