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The Arama Music Meme

Since Arama has been pretty empty lately and the weekly FFA's seem to have vanished unfortunately, I felt that it was time to get this community to actually communicate and participate again. I hope the mods will allow me to do this.

I present the
Arama Music Meme

Use it to get to know one another and maybe discuss your different/similar music tastes.

Rules are as follows: Post a comment answering the things below. You may do so in words, links, with embedded songs/videos or any other way you like. I only ask that, should you embed a video, please resize it to something smaller so that the comment section is not spammed too much (For those who do not know how, many sites like Youtube have a section for their embed codes with an option for custom size. Choose something that is preferably not wider than 300px).
Since this is an Arama-specific Meme I'm asking for Japanese songs. This may seem to narrow your choices down but maybe it'll also make it easier! :)

Please answer the following things:

1. Your favourite Japanese Music Video.

2. Your favourite Japanese Song or Current Jam.

3. Your favourite Japanese Male and/or Female Solo Artist.

4. Favourite Japanese band and/or group.

5. Japanese song you listen to when happy / sad.

Optional: Japanese Guilty Pleasure / Song you wouldn't normally listen to.

That's it, guys! Have fun and party together!

EDIT: Can I just say: Thank you guys for participating! I never expected that so many would take part in this, I wish it would always be like this, like the FFA's back in the day :)
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