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Ryusei Fujii of Johnny's WEST exposed for sexual assault and underage drinking/smoking!? (Bunshun)

Johnny's WEST member Ryusei Fujii (20) reportedly brought a 20-something woman from Osaka into a hotel, demanded her to drink alcohol, and sexually assaulted the woman; as revealed by the victim herself on the May 1 issue of Bunshun.

Johnny's WEST is a 7-member group who just made their debut on April 23 with the single "Eejanaika".

Fujii was a minor aged 18 at the time of the act but was seen smoking and drinking in the picture that is published by Bunshun. A wasted Fujii also destroyed the woman's cellphone with his bare hands on the same day.

Johnny's Jimusho is known to be strict with underaged members who drink and smoke. Bunshun tried to obtain comments from the Jimusho but got no response.

A scandal immediately after their debut www

They've really done it right on the day of their debut.
That's why they should've just pushed through with the initial plan of having only 4 members instead of 7.

>> So they did add members. They were originally just going to have 4 members, right?
>> Yeah, they increased. I think they wanted to make a touching story out of it, but it all just seems like gimmick to stir up buzz to me. It seems that they conjured a story on their way to having seven members up on stage.
>> The story about them directly negotiating with Johnny-san to increase the number of their members sounded so made up, right? Must be a show of strong bonds. I think they really intended to increase the number of members later on, but just initially announced that there would only be 4 members.
>> I think they told the staff that they wanted to have an additional 3 members, but not directly to the president. I get the feeling that the story's being blown up.

He just put Johnny-san's face to shame
Johnny's WEST increases to 7 members! The members themselves directly persuaded the president.

February 5, 2014

The members for Johnny's new unit Johnny's WEST who are set to release their debut CD in April have been officially named. Apart from the initial 4 members Akito Kiriyama (24), Junta Nakama (26), Daiki Shigeoka (21), and Nozomu Kotaki (17), 3 new members, namely Takahiro Hamada (25), Tomohiro Kamiyama (20), and Ryusei Fujii (20), have been added to the group. The members made their public appearance at the dress rehearsal of the theater play Naniwa Samurai Hello TOKYO!! on the 5th at the Nissay Theater in Tokyo.

Johnny's announced during the New Year's Countdown Live that the unit would be making their debut with 4 members. The name announced at that time was Johnny's WEST4, but was later changed to Johnny's WEST "because the first name given to them didn't sound too good".

Nakama, the eldest of the group, commented "Somewhere inside of me, I felt determined to push through with this project when we were told to make our debut with 4 members". But when they performed at a Kansai Johnny's Jr. concert after the New Year with the other 3, he thought that "We have to go with this group in order to bring out the best in each one of us". Nakama revealed: "We directly negotiated with the president (to have the 3 other members officially join the group), and Johnny-san said, 'If You-tachi really think that this is for the best then there's no mistaking it. Just remember to hold responsibility for this."
>> I guess they should be held accountable, then...
>> I kinda feel sorry for Johnny-san w
>> And shi+ happens right after they added new members. It might have been better if they just debuted as WEST4 which was originally the plan.

I saw the picture.
He was totally smoking in it. Yerrrr out!

So this is the picture.
He's holding a cigar in his hand, right? Though you really can't see it well.

Heaven and hell at the same time...
ORICON Daily, debuts at #1
2014/04/22 CD single daily ranking
1st - Eejanaika (Johnny's West)
Release - 2014/04/23
Units sold - 150,972

His sisters are in E-girls, right?
The E-girls might also take damage from this.

>> He's the brother of the 2 non-blonde girls in the e-ma throat candy commercial

Oh, the brother of Shuuka and Karen of the E-girls.
I feel sorry for the younger sisters with an article like this.

Older bro

Younger sister Shuuka Fujii of E-girls

LOL, they look exactly like each other wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

With K-POP's decline, Johnny's suddenly bounced back with fierce momentum. EXILE too.
That's better than K-POP, though.

Bunshun kept this story under wraps and waited until the group's debut, huh.

It all just smells fishy to me, why just now when it happened 2 years ago?
>> Because there's no value to the story if it was released prior to their debut. The value will just drop if you keep on delaying a scoop about a talent that you don't know whether he'll make it big or not. So this is the perfect time to make the most money out of this scoop.

If this exposé was true, then it's the end of the road for this guy who isn't even popular to begin with.
>> They're spending a lot of money on trying to promote them, so I wonder. If they can ignore it, then I guess they'll do that.
>> Not only this week's Telebijon, but they're gracing the cover of all the TV magazines. They're also on the cover of various magazines like Oricon. You can really tell how much effort Johnny's is putting into promoting the debut of this group.

Ahh, I guess he does have the face of someone who'd do such a thing (;´Д`)

How many Johnny groups now have lost a member right after their debut?

He's an amazing ikemen, but if you've got a tacky name then you'd just seem like a cheap host or something

He was the annoying guy in Miss Pilot who spoke the Kansai dialect. He actually looks worse in videos than in pictures.

Don't you guys think that Johnny's have too many violence and assault cases?

Every time I hear stories like this, I think:
"But the girls were willing to go with him to the hotel in the first place. What the heck is she talking about.".

Whatever you guys say here, it'll all be swept under the rug again www

Does this mean that he'll leave the group just after making his debut?

I think this is a rape case so they should go to the police instead

The woman probably went with the guy because he's an ikemen.
So the woman who went with him of her own free will doesn't run to the police, and instead sells off the story to a tabloid, huh.

Eejanaika lol www
My word, even a woman won't let an ikemen like this bang her if she isn't drunk? It must really be tough out there!

An announcement like this probably means the kid is getting the axe.
They would've tried to hide the facts if they wanted to protect him.

I think Johnny's is capable of suppressing this kind of article if they really wanted to.
So am I right in thinking that they've abandoned this kid?

It's just an everyday occurrence in showbiz.
Nothing to be surprised about.

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