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Meiji University To Offer A Course on Boy Band Arashi + GUTS! PV (full version)


The prestigious Meiji University, a private institution located in Tokyo, is offering a class on the boy band, Arashi. While this marks the first time the class will be devoted to Arashi, the class itself, a study in social psychology, has been offered for twenty years. Due to students' demands for a study on sexuality, the course has also previously discussed the band SMAP. This year's course comes at a good time—Arashi is celebrating their 15th anniversary, having debuted in 1999.

According to the syllabus, the following topics will be covered:

  1. Introduction - Arashi's Era

  2. The Culture of Johnny's Entertainment

  3. Before Arashi, focusing on SMAP

  4. Changes in Arashi's PVs - Before the big break

  5. Changes in Arashi's PVs - After the big break

  6. A comparison of the members of Arashi

  7. Arashi members as they appear on variety shows

  8. Arashi in dramas

  9. Arashi in concert

  10. Arashi and J-Pop

  11. Arashi and K-Pop

  12. Johnny's Entertainment post-Arashi

  13. Overview on the Era of Arashi

  14. Test

For the rest of us, it seems like we'll be confined to studying Arashi PVs on our own.

[VIVA Seishun!]


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