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11:11 pm - 05/13/2014

More Adult Hey!Say!JUMP at their Tokyo Dome Concert + New Album [smart] + Tour

New song 'FOREVER' performance May 10-11 Tokyo Dome

Last May 11th, Hey!Say!JUMP performed at Tokyo Dome for their “Live with me in TOKYO DOME” concert. The words “Live” and “Love” were hung and a heart-shaped runway, 400 meters in length and illuminated with LED lights, was constructed leading to the main stage. It’s definitely one of Johnny’s largest scale production. It was later revealed that the heart-shaped stage is the group’s idea as all of them have turned 20 years old and they need to be one step forward. As for their aspirations now that they are in their 20′s, Yamada shared that he will show his erotic side from hereon and he wants a more “adult” JUMP. In addition, Yabu Kota, a soccer connoisseur, joked that he hasn’t received any notice yet about being Japan’s representative for World Cup.

All members participated actively during production stage from compositions, titles, and costumes. However, as the members are also individually busy, there was little time for them to get together and rehearse. “There was uneasiness during rehearsals, but it’s all good,” Yamada commented.

55,000 fans watched the show where the group also announced that they will be releasing their third album, “smart” [s3art], next month and will be on tour by August where they aim to mobilized 190,000 audiences. Yaotome Hikaru told the audience to look forward to their album since there will be “adult-like” songs and they are also involved in lyrics composition.

via Nikkan Sports, Hochi, and Sanspo

credits MIKU via Jnewseng
jeugd1 19th-May-2014 11:19 pm (UTC)
EXO sis is that you???
But seriously I'm happy that they stepped up their fashion game. JE boys are hot but the stuff they wear is beyond tragic. With all that money JE makes they can easily invest in amazing fashion.

This look is better

Yamada's erotic side???? No thanks. Give me Nakajima
nekosogi 21st-May-2014 05:30 pm (UTC)
Yeeeeeeees! (´;ω;`) So hyped for new album and tour! JUMP fightinggg ^^ I can't wait to see them with a more mature concept ohoho..

...Can't help but laugh at Yamada's "erotic" side though kkkk lolwut
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