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New sport-theme drama featuring Water Polo this July, Fuji TV's "Suikyuu Yankees"

Nakajima Yuto (20), will be starring his first lead role this summer in Fuji TV's "Suikyuu Yankees" (Water Polo Yankees).

As reported,

It was announced that Hey! Say! JUMP's Nakajima Yuto will be starring in Fuji TV's late night drama, "Suikyuu Yankees" (Water Polo Yankees). The said drama will also star fellow Hey! Say! JUMP's member Takaki Yuya and Nakajima's Yowakutemo Katemasu co-star, Yamazaki Kento.

The said youth drama will featuring a sport, Water Polo, which is a first in Japanese drama. It tells the story of Inaba Naoya (Nakajima Yuto), a student who just return from overseas, who have always wanted to become a yankee, so he decided to transfer to Japan for his last year in high school. Inaba sees yankees as heroes with chivalrous spirit after reading Japanese yankee comics overseas. However, due to some unexpected turn of events, Inaba ends up playing water polo after losing against Kitajima Tatsuo (Takaki Yuya), the rival school powerhouse captain. Yamazaki Kento will play Mifune Ryuji, Inaba's own water polo captain who has stopped playing the sport due to some reasons.

The games and underwater combat scenes will be the highlight of this drama, so, Nakajima and others strive to be physically fit. They did strength training and received intensive training from an active water polo player before the filming starts this June.

Playing the lead role hasn't sunk in yet for Nakajima who commented that he wants to get used to it especially after his senpai, Arashi's Ninomiya Kazunari, advised that he will be alright on his own.

"Suikyuu Yankees" will air this July every Saturday at 23:10 (JST).

sources: fuji TV, jnewseng (translation), jnews1, hochi, nikkan sports, sanspo and ichigocherry (video)

this is my first time posting something here, I already read the rules, sorry if there's still any wrong..

yuto and yamaken in a drama again!! <3
tbh, I was expecting something like Free! which is swimming and I love that anime, oh well, swimming or not, I'm excited for this.. x)

gif (c) houtraouh.tumblr

but why must yankees included?? I'm tired of it, tbh.. :P

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