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8:12 am - 05/17/2014

KAT-TUN [In Fact] New Single Preview/ New Album [come Here] / New Tour

[In Fact] Preview
Release Date: June 4

Regular Edition 1st Press:
1. In Fact
5. MY SECRET (Original Karaoke)
6. BLACK (Original Karaoke)
7. DANGEROUS (Original Karaoke)

Limited Edition:

1. In Fact (First Class theme song)
2. Believe In Myself (Dramatic Game 1844 image song/Going!Sports & News theme song)
In Fact PV + Making
Special Clip

Regular Edition:
1. In Fact
2. Believe In Myself
3. Birds
4. In Fact (Original Karaoke)
5. Believe In Myself (Original Karaoke)
6. Birds (Original Karaoke)

It was announced on May 13th, 2014 that the popular group KAT-TUN will go on a national tour for the first time as a 4 person group. They will begin the tour at Tokyo International Forum starting on July 8th and will conclude the countdown at Kyocera Dome Osaka for the second year in a row. In addition, members of KAT-TUN have commented on Jin Akanishi(赤西仁) (29), the original member of the group who has left Johnny's at the end of February this year for the first time.

The group held their first solo concert at Tokyo International Forum in 2002 after the formation of the group, but they will now perform as a group of 4 for the first time after 12 years. Kazuya Kamenashi(亀梨和也) (28) said, "The New KAT-TUN is going to have new approach on things. I look forward to what we will make of it". Tatsuya Ueda(上田竜也) (30) proudly commented, "It's going to be great."

There doesn't seen to be any anxiety within the group on going on a tour as a 4 person team. In September of last year, former member Koki Tanaka(田中聖) (28) was fired from the agency. This will be the group's first time performing live as a 4 person team. Yuichi Nakamaru(中丸雄一) (30) said, "There's no discomfort at all. It's been a long awaited tour for us."

Kamenashi confessed that he bumped into Jin Akanishi at a Bruno Mars concert in April. It was his first time coming face to face with Akanshi in four years. Akanishi reportedly said, "I gave up on being a Johhny's" to Kamenashi. He responded back saying, "I saw it on the news" and that was the chat. Junnosuke Taguchi(田口淳之介) (28) also commented on Jin Akanishi walking on a different path, "If you feel there's something else out there, you have to go and look for it".

The group will release a new album titled "come Here" on June 25th, 2014 and the scheduled tour will mobilize over 300,000 people. However, the group is not only focusing on Japan. They have the intention to do a live event in foreign country for the group's 10th anniversary of their debut. Kamenashi said, "If we could do a overseas live, we are determined to do it as a group of 4."

credits Jentnews and KT News Info

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a_grumble_cake 11th-Jun-2014 04:54 pm (UTC)
omg may 17th lol
monarchist 11th-Jun-2014 05:06 pm (UTC)
Only six new songs? That's kind of disappointing, but I like "In Fact" so I'm excited to hear the rest. It feels like they should just call it another mini-album instead.
mumbles 11th-Jun-2014 10:17 pm (UTC)
No, those 6 songs are from their latest single.
This is their album tracklist, there's 14 new songs.

Edited at 2014-06-11 10:17 pm (UTC)
monarchist 11th-Jun-2014 10:18 pm (UTC)
Oh! Awesome. Thank you for the information. :D
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