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Fans Crack the Dirty Message Hidden in Attack on Titan


Fans of the Attack on Titan manga have discovered that while the in-world text appears to be gibberish, it's actually pretty easy to decipher. All you have to do is flip the page upside-down, and voilà, a message appears in sloppily-scrawled katakana.

What it reveals, though, isn't exactly illuminating. No, there aren't any hints about the origins of the titans or what's in the basement, but it does give you a strange glimpse inside the mind of mangaka Hajime Isayama.

The translation is a little unsafe for work, so highlight the paragraph below if you want to see it.

[Rock scissors paper, rock scissors paper, rock scissors paper
So, what should I make, what should I make
In my right hand, a wiener, in my left hand, a pussy
Sex sex
Raw barley, raw rice, raw eggs
Talking dirty all day, all right!

Maybe an eager fan will track down the rest of the letters in the series and see whether or not Isayama decided on barley or rice.


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