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2:01 pm - 05/22/2014

Can Chubbiness Group Survive?

We all know Japan prides itself on having one of the lowest obesity rates in the developed world. However, a recent trend known as "marshmallow girls" (girls who are viewed as 'soft') is receiving mainstream attention from the likes of Avex who created a group called "Chubbiness." Made up of 10 plus sized women found through open casting, the group was expected to debut in spring but has not as of May 2014 apparently due to lack of popular. The girls have made appearances on talk shows. The group has been criticized for riding on a gimmick and the ten girls while larger than the normal rail-thin Jpop star we're used to seeing cannot be considered 'big'.

Old news I know but I don't think(?) this group was mentioned on Arama and thought it would be an interesting thing to look at and discuss. What do you think Arama?

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a_cheshire_grin 11th-Jun-2014 02:06 pm (UTC)
As a Japanese girl myself, I really hope that they will succeed. It's very sad that in my country, people (it's really mostly girls&women) think that they have to be as thin as a rake, to be called "beautiful" and "worthwhile"! There is soooo much pressure on them, not only from society, but even from family and friends. People who should love and care for them, no matter how they look!
It's important, that especially young girls have role models to look up too and that tell them that it is totally okay to not look superskinny. As long as you eat healthy food and exercise, everything is fine! Instead of putting people in categories like "too thin", "thin", "average", "fat", "too fat", we should make sure that they are healthy!!!
blazingeternity 11th-Jun-2014 05:32 pm (UTC)
I totally agree on the last part!! Medically any kind of extreme is unhealthy and should be avoided but most people are somewhere inbetween and pressuring them into any type of body shape/look is just not right. Health and happiness should be advertised and valued above all and neither should bigger people be labelled "fat" nor should skinny women be told off as "unreal". It's like creating problems where there are none to begin with.

With that being said I find the group name rather unfortunate....
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