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2:01 pm - 05/22/2014

Can Chubbiness Group Survive?

We all know Japan prides itself on having one of the lowest obesity rates in the developed world. However, a recent trend known as "marshmallow girls" (girls who are viewed as 'soft') is receiving mainstream attention from the likes of Avex who created a group called "Chubbiness." Made up of 10 plus sized women found through open casting, the group was expected to debut in spring but has not as of May 2014 apparently due to lack of popular. The girls have made appearances on talk shows. The group has been criticized for riding on a gimmick and the ten girls while larger than the normal rail-thin Jpop star we're used to seeing cannot be considered 'big'.

Old news I know but I don't think(?) this group was mentioned on Arama and thought it would be an interesting thing to look at and discuss. What do you think Arama?

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bleed_peroxide 12th-Jun-2014 12:40 pm (UTC)
I don't much like that one Piggy Doll group - I would imagine that having your entire singing career being based upon being perceived as fat would eventually become disheartening, especially with the negative feedback corroboarting it. Why not just have that be one trait and not make your weight a thing?

The girls in Chubbiness aren't even fat! They look normal and healthy, and again, the idea of shoving it down people's throats LOOK WE'RE FAT OMG LOOK AT HOW CHUBBY WE ARE feels just... odd. It comes off more as a gimmick rather than focusing on actual talent, and it can't be good for any of the girls' esteem.
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