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9:04 pm - 06/27/2014

The Future of Arama They Didn't

the last flying ayu


In the past year we’re sure you've noticed a lack in Arama's quality and overall activity. We'd be lying if we didn't say we lost interest. We started Arama They Didn't! nearly five years ago, and to this day it still surprises us what it turned into.

Through years of copyright issues on streaming and download sites, it became increasingly difficult to find Japanese media online which is the only way most of us is able to access it. The J-pop community as a whole was segmented and shrunk even more with the rise of K-Pop’s constant releases and breaking news. At Arama, we tried to create a place that encompassed it all and bring back that sense of unity we once had. We've shared nearly 20,000 articles, received almost a million comments and built a community that brought 19,000 people together with the single interest of Japanese Pop Culture.

LiveJournal has given us the opportunity to achieve what we originally set out to do. In 2012 we joined LJ Media thinking we would be further legitimized as a news outlet and hub for fandom, but after that seemingly went nowhere and swept under the rug. As we grew, our needs also grew but we weren’t sure how to execute them. Finally we decided it was time for us to go to take the next step and plan a revival for Arama.


Opening July 1st, 2014 on our 5th birthday!

We've announced this on social media but we weren't sure how to handle things here. We've thought long and hard about this and thought it would be for the best for us to move off LiveJournal and finally be in total control of everything. Even though LiveJournal itself has started a comeback of sorts, unfortunately there are still too many issues for us to consider keeping it as our primary base of operations. Arama would just continue to stagnate and not grow as a community.

There isn't really an active place solely for Japanese pop culture fans to call their home, most of them are defunct, and yes that includes TokyoHive
Our primary goal is to fill that void. We have a diverse team of writers who are very excited to start sharing news as well as fun and provocative editorials and opinion pieces. Unfortunately user-generated content would not work on our new platform. However, we will have a form where anyone can submit tips for news stories they would like to see published. New additions to the staff are always welcome! Details on that will be revealed in the near future.

Where you can find us

  • URL: Our new URL of course will be

  • FACEBOOK: Because of this rebranding, Facebook has been giving us trouble renaming our page. We’d appreciate if you liked the new one:

  • TWITTER: We’ll be keeping the same twitter which will be available with our new name:

  • E-MAIL: If you have any further questions, you can contact us directly at

  • TUMBLR: Eventually, everything posted on will be automatically cross-posted to tumblr for more reach.

We hope you'll stick with us and continue to support us as we figure things out at our new home!

ruggio 29th-Jun-2014 01:40 am (UTC)
You're being extremely rash about this. Why are you so offended we're moving off LiveJournal? Fandom has moved off LiveJournal. ONTD receives a third of the comments it used to. LiveJournal just isn't what it used to be.

We lost interest because of the poor management of LJ Media program we joined. It was extremely messy and dampened our passion for arama. We took a break from it for awhile but realized how much we missed it, but agreed we couldn't continue this on LiveJournal because it wasn't giving us the functionally and customization we needed. LJ is just polished turd at this point whether you accept it or not.

NOTHING about arama was truly user-generated. User submissions became a hindrance when people were only posting K-Pop, JE and AKB and all the comments were always complaining about it. It set an uncomfortable tone for the entire community and left a bad taste in peoples mouths. Where were those factual people then? Join a forum if you truly want "user generated content".

Yes we're going to hype it. Why wouldn't we? Remind me to not hire you as a consultant or advertising guru btw! We don't expect everyone to follow us to the new site but we're not going to leave without saying anything.
a_grumble_cake 30th-Jun-2014 05:15 pm (UTC)
I was being blunt because I remember you and you never seemed like the type that needs coddling. I don't know how you got that I'm upset that you moving off livejournal - all my comments were about your actions as mods / being skeptic about the new format.

Fandom has moved on from livejournal, it's true, but the reasons for that are twitter and tumblr and also the fact that j-acts are past their peak in terms of popularity. It's not really lj as a platform that's the problem and all these problems will affect your new website just as much if not more. ONTD is also in decline because of new social media + the tone has changed from bitchy snark to pearl clutching outrage and the latter is emotionally exhausting for users and can't be maintained for long.

User generated ontd = editorial control and a sense of contributing as well as a focus on comments. goto mentioned reddit, well a livejournal comm IS basically a reddit sub, just with user icons and embedded gifs. It's nothing like a user forum or a website with staff writers and it's just so weird that you guys don't get that.
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