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Jin had left Japan for Los Angeles

KAT-TUN's Akanishi Jin (25) has left to get ready for the solo live in LA on June 19th and 20th from Narita airport on May 9th. Seeing Akanishi with his hoodie lowered down to his eyes in front of the boarding gate before departing in an hour. From Nikkan Sport's interview, Akanishi answered briefly, "Enthusiasm? I will try my best".

KAT-TUN is having their national and oversea tour since the 2nd. Not participating the tour, without a doubt and decided to focus on the event in America, "It's something that I've always wanted to do", he explained. When asked about if he'll return to KAT-TUN, "I don't know what will happen in the future", which he answered unclearly.

Again, before boarding, from the numerous qestions "Are you quitting KAT-TUN?", "I don't plan on quitting. Please support us from now on", he called out to the fans.
Source: www.nikkansports.com/entertainment/news 
Translated by stanime  at community.livejournal.com/you_and_jin/13990.html



In other news, UTB (channel 18.2) in LA has a special corner for YOU&JIN in USA.  Everyday, they have received letters from Jin fans requesting for Jin to appear in a TV program on UTB.

They read some of the letters from Jin fans:

In the first letter that they read out it just said thank you so much for showing the YOU&JIN CM. Fans are so happy and all that.

In the second letter, a fan was worried that maybe most of the audience would be Japanese. The hosts said no worry, there will be American, Chinese and Korean audience too. The line about Jun was an example that Johnny's has many fans out of Japan.

Then, the 3rd letter said that they really hope UTB TV channel will make a TV program for Jin, but their reply was Jin is too busy with all the preparation work for the concerts, so it's a bit difficult.

Source: community.livejournal.com/you_and_jin/13058.html
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