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Japanese netizens not pleased with KARA's venture into their country

Japanese netizens are none too pleased with the recent announcement that KARA is planning on a full-scale debut in Japan.

The girls, who held a press event recently, with over 100 reporters in attendance, have been gaining quite a bit of interest throughout the Japanese media. Articles have been published declaring their takeover of the Japanese market and the impending "butt-dance" mania that will soon sweet Japan as it did Korea earlier last year.

Despite the media's firestorm over the 5 member girl group, the Japanese public has been hesitant to warm up to the girls. Nearly every article written about their venture into Japan has been met with negative comments by Japanese netizens, with others showing overwhelming agreement about the unhappiness surrounding their debut later this year.

One netizen writes: "Do not come. Go home. Shake your ass in your own country," to which 576 other commenters agreed, using Yahoo News's "I think so too" feature, making it the most popular comment on one article. Another netizen said "Truthfully, I want them to go do activities in their own country. It has nothing to do with it being a group from Korea, I just think there's no way they'll sell well in Japan, and they only see us as a market for making money." The comment received over 300 clicks of agreement.

The few positive comments in articles about the girls have been met with great opposition. One that stated, "There are a lot of hardworking people from Korea! It would be great if they had a hit!" to which nearly 60% of repliers disagreed.

It remains to be seen if the girls can overcome the antis and succeed in Japan, but with comments like these, it's hard to believe:

"No one is happy to see them come."

Comments source: Yahoo Jp News
Translation & Reporting: hihi2010 @ soompi
Tags: japanese netizens
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