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3:15 pm - 07/04/2010

D-BOYS become "AMBITIOUS" with new show

A special sub-unit of acting group D-BOYS will launch a new television show tonight, titled "D-BOYS BE AMBITIOUS." The show is scheduled for late on Sunday nights (12:35am) on TV Tokyo.

The sub-unit, announced in March, currently consists of Yuichi Nakamura (22), Shunji Igarashi (23), Hirofumi Araki (27), and Koji Seto (22). They are currently auditioning for a fifth member, and the final selection is expected to happen in September.

"D-BOYS BE AMBITIOUS" will be a blend of documentary and variety show, with a theme of making their viewers' dreams come true. In addition, the show will report on the progress of the ongoing audition and its participants, and the unit's official name will finally be revealed. It is also being reported that the first episode will include a surprise announcement about their stage production "LAST GAME" and its theme song "Omoi."

In conjunction with the TV Tokyo broadcast, there will be a regular radio show with the same name on InterFM (Monday nights at 12:32am, starting on July 5) and another related project on the popular virtual world Ameba Pigg.

baka_hanyou 4th-Jul-2010 08:12 pm (UTC)
This sounds AWESOME. XD I will watch anything with Igarashi Shunji in it, no lie. Anything. But I want Shirota Yuu in it, too!

Is it bad that as soon as I saw Koji Seto's name in there I thought, "So Yamamoto Yusuke will be involved?" XD
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