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4:36 pm - 07/04/2010

BENI disappoints fans at Anime Expo AX 2010 in LA

Fan report:
First of all, her management is made up of Nazis which I guess I should have expected.
No common people pictures (though I did manage to sneak in two crappy ones), no asking questions before they "approve" them, no physical contact with BENI, etc etc etc. I had planned to ask BENI to sing something on the spot but I was told no.

Anyways, as for BENI herself, she did seem kind of stuck up. When asked what her favorite anime was, she answered "I knew I was going to be asked that" in a very irritated, exasperated way.
She didn't seem too happy to be there and especially seemed disdainful of the silent crowd (more on that later). I definitely saw a lot of the "bitchy" mannerisms a friend pointed out: head tilts, dismissive glances, and pursed lips abound. Then again, I couldn't exactly blame her for being pissed off. If some sweaty fat nerd asked me what my favorite fruit was, I wouldn't give him a very nice answer either.

Now for the crowd...It was clear that more than 90% of the near-empty room had no clue who BENI was. There seemed to be more press, who were confused at the lack of attention of an "A-list Japanese pop star", than actual attendees. Most of the actual attendees seemed to be there because they:
1). Wanted to reserve a seat for AKB48 (the next panel),
2). Sheer curiosity/boredom, or
3). Had fallen asleep in the room the night before like a homeless bum and had just woken up. The atmosphere of the panel was silent, dead, and awkward. I can't count the amount of times the host had to step in to ask something just to fill the silence.

Highlights of the panel:
-BENI decided to cut her hair after she was playing on some iPhone app and thought it looked cute.
-Wikipedia is wrong. She's a sociology major.
-No one on her staff knows English. If she wants to make an English version of her website, she'd have to translate it herself.
-The "Call Me Beep Me" Kim Possible music video is emberassing for her to watch. Can't blame her.
-Her favorite fruit is mango.
.....The rest of the questions seemed to be pretty basic. I'm sure a full transcript/video is out there somewhere.

Autograph Signing:
Not very long and I'm sure after 10 minutes it was deserted (leaving poor BENI looking bored for 50min). I talked around and most of them seemed to be newly converted sheep. Only one guy actually knew who she was before the Con.

When I finally got to meet her, I told her that I loved "Kiss Kiss Kiss". This actually got her to stop and look up (with a pleasantly surprised expression) because "Kiss Kiss Kiss" was one of the songs not mentioned on the booklet. She thanked me in return and asked me if I was going to attend her the concert. I told her I wasn't (to a sad look that was clearly mourning the loss of $30) and she told me "maybe next time" and then that was pretty much it.

Throughout our brief but pleasant conversation, BENI seemed to be perfectly polite and friendly. She even seemed kind of happy when talking to maybe but that may have been just because she could tell I actually knew shit about her.

Or maybe I was the only one who was outgoing enough to actually talk to her *shrugs*.

Source: kisekigurl@jpopforum

OP: Why is there no BENI tag in this comm?
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islandgurl84 5th-Jul-2010 03:52 am (UTC)
I love Beni. One of my fav songs Luna.

offdutycupid 5th-Jul-2010 04:08 am (UTC)

The first half of this article is basically bitching about her, and the latter is kind of trying to tell people that she's not that bad. wut?
our_scars 5th-Jul-2010 04:53 am (UTC)
because it's written by a fan of Beni.
She was shocked by the singer's behavior, but still wants to try to understand her.
mileskye 5th-Jul-2010 05:58 am (UTC)
This is why I felt bad for her when I read that she's going to Anime Expo... I don't follow her much but I know that she's nothing associated with anime, therefore something pretty much like this would happen.
kirari 5th-Jul-2010 06:30 am (UTC)
You can't blame her, but she's supposed to be professional, she should have hid it instead of letting a lot of people witness her displeasure. That was unprofessional on her part.

She also has to remember that she just moved to a different label. Avex didn't promote her at all and she only started getting attention once she moved to Universal, hence why she was probably up for negotiation to come here. Koda Kumi did it years ago at A-kon way before she became an A-lister.

She needs to appreciate the one's that did attend her show and panel, because regardless if she hated it, don't disappoint the one's that were there to support.

I agree with a poster up there, she just killed a few chances (or all) to get new and potential fans. Unfortunately people remember the negative more than the positive and her negativity will out weigh the fact that gave a really good performance. I went and her voice is really pretty live. I'll upload it later tonight.
kinenbi 5th-Jul-2010 06:37 am (UTC)
Lol, I used to be a fan of hers. Then I bought Gem and hated that I wasted my money. I'm finally getting into her again, but she's just so typical now.

BENI is my favorite album still, btw.
misty__eyed 5th-Jul-2010 06:43 am (UTC)
I like that cover of The Boy Is Mine that she did with Tynisha Keli.
agentduckiechan 5th-Jul-2010 06:12 pm (UTC)
I did too, except that I can't get over Tynisha Keli's voice. :| It would be cool to see Beni doing both parts and trying to change her voice each line... I bet she could do it too lol
morpheuslove 5th-Jul-2010 10:34 am (UTC)
ouch... poor BENI haha
shes not exactly a-list, she has had musical success but i wouldnt say shes quite a household name. i guess its largely because her music is generic j-pop while nice, doesnt stand out.

58468_0 5th-Jul-2010 04:57 pm (UTC)
I know it's unprofessional, but I can't say I blame her. I feel the same way about anime conventions. =X
agentduckiechan 5th-Jul-2010 06:22 pm (UTC)
I went to go see her, and she was all right. She wasn't a total bitch, although I can see how she would come off as that. I only caught the tail end of the panel, and the atmosphere was a bit awkward... I thought it was funny when she was like o_0 " guys don't have to clap after every question" haha... some people might think comments like that are a little testy, but I thought it was hilarious because it was weird to hear applause after every question (especially the more trivial ones) lol.

She was nice and friendly at the autograph session (I went to the second one, a few hours after her performance)... maybe I just caught her on a good day? :D She was pleasantly surprised that I knew about "The Beautiful Game" I got to be a fan of her through searching for Arashi stuff lol and was like, "OMG you've seen it?!" I had to confess that I'd only seen it online though haha... I barely knew anything about J-pop when she'd done the play.

All in all, I had a positive Beni experience, but I can see how she can be taken the wrong way, kind of like how people think Jin Akanishi is a douche personally I'm still on the fence about that lol.
mayayim012 5th-Jul-2010 09:25 pm (UTC)
i would have love to see her. too bad i'm not in the area.
haruhitastic 8th-Jul-2010 07:51 pm (UTC)
The only thing I liked about her was "Kiss Kiss Kiss," and that is still the only thing I like about her.

For fuck's sake, be happy you even have fans in America. Don't be a total bitch about it.
I have friends who went to the anime expo in France and saw Morning Musume and Nakazawa Yuko, and they were incredibly polite and nice. I also have a friend who lives in Japan who has encountered Mano Erina and Momoiro Clover many times, and they haven't been stuck up either.

tl;dr bitch needs to realise half of the world doesn't know her.
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