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Красивый и Грязный

misono makes waffles for people!

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In collaboration with the waffle store "Heavenly Compote Waffle", misono presents her very own original waffles. From her childhood on, she had been admiring the patisserie and wanted to own her own store in the future. Saying that she has put a lot of feeling into the creation, misono presents her five different waffles.

On the day of the presentation, misono also became the store manager for one day, selling the waffles herself. The store was quickly lined with 200 guests even before the opening. For this store this meant a record day in sales. As misono had just released her new album "Me" on June 30th there were five special CD and waffle sets limited to this event. This special set consisted of a box including a handwritten signature by misono and made a real must for any fan. On the official homepage under "misonoFan Club Junbi Shitsu (lit. Preparation Room) (Provisional name)" the exact conditions of the event can be found in a detailed report soon.

kinda ot question but did sanspo recently change their search function at the top of the website? i tried finding pictures from the waffle event but when i search her name only like a bio comes up

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