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Kawashima Umika about her first kiss scene

Kawashima Umika's (16) light summer love story "Watashi no Yasashikunai Senpai" will finally open in theaters this month and today some lucky people were already able to see the movie at a premium preview screening.

Kawashima, comedian Kanada Satoshi (24), actress Kodama Kinuyo (19) and director Yamamoto Hiroshi all attended the special event, wearing beautiful yutakas since it's the Tanabata Festival this week, to greet the audience and to talk about the movie.

Yamamoto actually is an anime director and it was his first movie with real actors. "You can make an anime on the desk, but for a real movie you have to actually go to the set and use your whole body. Obvious I know, but for me it was a really difficult change. However, I was happy to be blessed with a wonderful staff," he said.

Kawashima had some difficulties as well. "It's my first romantic comedy. In the beginning I was really stiff and wasn't able to make a funny face at all, but as we continued to film Kanada taught me some really nice face techniques," she laughed and added, "My friends at school even started to tell me that I have plenty of facial expressions now."

Kanada on the other hand had his problems with the more serious scenes: "There are serious scenes and they were quite difficult for me. The director often got angry with me and had to teach me how to do it right. I got really desperate. Also, we filmed this movie back in October, but it's supposed to be set during midsummer. All we had to wear were jerseys with short sleeves and we even had to apply moisture to look like we are sweating. It was extremely cold for all of us. Kawashima and Kodama really started to hate the fake sweat."

Kodama had fun filming the movie, but unfortunately her role had some side effects. "There really was a lot of fun at the set, but unfortunately I had to play a gloomier role. Everyone else was in really high spirits when they finished yet another funny scene while I felt lonely and more like an outsider," she looked back.

And since it's the Tanabata Festival, everyone wrote down their wishes on the tanzaku, long stripes of paper for wishes and poems.
Yamamoto: "I wish for everyone in this world to live in piece. For the past 2, 3 years I never took the festival seriously and always only wrote down negative things, but today I decided take it more seriously."
Kodama: "This summer I want to watch the fireworks with someone at my side."
Kanada made a big deal out of her wish: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?"
Kawashima: "I want to go and watch the fireworks wearing a yukata."
Kanada after hearing Kawashima's wish: "That wish already came true, didn't it!? As for me, I want to be able to go on a date with Umi-tan."
(laughters among the audience)
Kawashima countered with a smile: "No way~! That wish will never come true!"

Finally Kawashima and Kanada talked about the kiss scene they had during the movie.
Kanada: "We really kissed!!"
(everyone is laughing)
Kawashima: "I was strangely nervous in front of that scene. It was my first kiss scene after all, so I continuously thought about how to do it right, even while filming that very scene. However, after having watched the final movie, I'm glad that it turned out into a beautiful scene."
Yamamoto: "You really didn't stop being tense."
Kanada: "I was nervous too! It's Kawashima Umika after all. I thought that it might be her first kiss for real, so I started to practice with a pillow a countless of times the day before! I brushed my teeth many times prior to the actual scene and continued to practice wit air kisses at the set. Then it was time for the kiss. We got the OK after one try and I felt like I could finally release all that tension, when suddenly Umika-chan came to me and said, thank you very much. I was so moved and started to cry."
Kawashima: "It was the first time I saw him crying like that."
Kanada: "Anyway, just as expected her lips were very soft and fresh. It didn't seem like she had a kiss before."
Kawashima, however, decided not to reveal whether that was her first kiss or not.
"That will stay my secret forever! If I talked about that in public, I wouldn't be able to go to school tomorrow," she replied and laughed.

The movie will open in Japan on July 17th and should be a perfect little movie for the summer holidays, unless you are absolutely jealous of Kanada now.


D'aww Umika is so cute. I lol-ed at the soft and fresh comment.
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