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あらま They Didn't ! Japanese Entertainment News

Japanese Entertainment News

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Japanese entertainment news!

★ about
aramatheydidnt is a community dedicated to sharing news related to Japanese pop culture. The name originated from communities ohnotheydidnt, which is dedicated to mostly American pop culture, and omonatheydidnt, which is dedicated to Korean pop culture. I felt one for Japanese was needed since I've seen many fans of Japanese artists in ohnotheydidnt, so together with my partner in crime I made this. Everyone can see the posts, but only members will be able to comment and post.

If you ever need to contact us you are welcome to email us at aramatheydidnt@gmail.com or PM one of the moderators.

★ arama on twitter ★ arama on last.fm ★ arama on facebook

★ rules
1. Do not personally attack other members. Be respectful of others, if you do not agree with someone do your best to ignore that person. You may not always agree with others but please try to respect other peoples opinions & stay civil, even if the other person isn't.

2. Celebrities are free game, try to keep the baiting to a minimum.

3. Try your best to keep all comments related to the post and all posts related to Japanese media.

4. Pictures and gifs are welcome, but please do not spam them.

5. This is a SFW community, so do not post pornography or dead things. Anything NSFW must have a clear warning and be under a cut.

6. Post creators do not have the privilege of screening/deleting posts. Only maintainers or moderators may do that.

7. If someone breaks a rule contact a maintainer or moderator immediately through e-mail or private message. Do not try to fix it yourself it will just end up making things more problematic

8. Racism and other forms of discrimination will not be tolerated.

Note:If you want a tag added PM the maintainer or email aramatheydidnt@gmail.com

If you are posting please refer to this post.

★ other

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The rest of our affiliates are here. If you want to affiliate with us comment here.

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